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The Wireless Grids Laboratory within the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University involves faculty, students, and other organizations including SU’s Whitman School of Management and L.C. Smith College of Computer Science and Engineering in innovation research and assessment. [Supported by NSF 0227879]

The Wireless Grids Lab is researching issues associated with nomadic ad-hoc resource sharing, which is an effort to bind together developments in Grid, P2P Computing and Webservices along with ad-hoc and wireless networking. The ultimate vision of the grid is that of an adaptive network offering secure, inexpensive, and coordinated real-time access to dynamic, heterogeneous resources, potentially traversing geographic, political and cultural boundaries but still able to maintain the desirable characteristics of a simple distributed system, such as stability, transparency, scalability and flexibility.
The Virtual Markets and Wireless Grids project investigates the tremendous value proposition that wireless grid networks offer to both increase access to wireless communication services, and to develop new economic sectors utilizing ubiquitous networks to access grid services across any means for interactive connectivity. The Lab is based here at Syracuse University within the School of Information Studies. The research takes place through the TeleCom City University Consortium which brought together academic researchers and commercial partners such as BTexact Technologies, Cisco System, Novell, French Telecom (Dr. Norman Lewis) and Hitachi (Mitsuo Yamaguchi). The first segment of this project took place through the NSF PFI project, entitled "Virtual Markets in Wireless Communication and Computation Grids". We collaborate with other Schools at Syracuse University to include; Computer Science and Engineering, and the Whitman School of Management.
Fall 2008 Update:

WGLab remains focused this semester on an expanded beta trial of Innovaticus, which begun at Syracuse University last spring, and was extended with Grants for Growth/MDA support into several Syracuse locations as features are added.

 Plans for the next 3 locations are well underway in collaboration with Clear Channel and others; beyond that other local partners such as LeMoyne College and SUNY-ESF will be invited to join. Possible collaboration with the City of Syracuse is also being explored in the form of an "urban farm" utilizating Wireless Grids technology. Stay tuned for details!

Archived News:

May 1
Lab Trials continue into summer in geographically dispersed environment. Additional Students from other schools added.

March 19

Dorm Trials Begin!
Bowland Hall @
Syracuse University

March 5
WGC & WGLab personnel will be at Bowland Hall with information on dorm trials and Innovaticus software.

Feb 10, 2008
Dorm Trial for Innovaticus begins at Syracuse University.
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